• Are you tired of that bland chain-store licorice flavor? Our Money Licorice, aka Licorice Coins are firm, and feature a strong natural licorice taste with a slightly sweet after note.You will quickly realize the improvement that years of experience can make in creating a premium product. 7 oz.
  • These tasty bits might be small, but they're mighty on cherry flavor and fun! Add Nibs to your snack routine, whether you use them to top ice cream or sweeten up lunch boxes. 7 oz.
  • A favorite Dutch treat since the 1820's, these creamy bites will melt in your mouth.  As they do, you will experience the incredible flavor that lulls your tastebuds into a state of bliss. 7 oz.
  • These wheels provide a wonderful strawberry taste sensation for the red licorice lover. (These wheels can also be unwound and used as laces for your decorating needs.) 7 oz.
  • These soft, sweet ribbons rolled into wheels provide a distinct old-fashioned licorice taste that all licorice lovers will enjoy. One of our most popular items, they are especially good with a cup of gourmet coffee. 7 oz.
  • A perennial favorite, this assortment of petite licorice sandwiches, tubes, and nonpareils are soft with a sweet taste and a hint of coconut. 7 oz.
  • A delicious taste combination, this soft confection features a sweet creamy center, encased by a yummy licorice jacket. 7 oz.
  • This "licorice" is unlike most red licorice's available in the US today. This soft, succulent strawberry candy, which is so common in the US, is new to the Australian market, and has taken several years to perfect. 7 oz.
  • Kookaburra licorice uses authentic licorice root extract -- unlike most licorices available in North America -- to get its wonderful licorice flavor and soft texture. The ingredients are cooked for several hours and the greenish-colored licorice is then extruded, heated and cooled several times before it is cut and packaged. This heating and cooling process causes the licorice to turn to its black, outer color. 7 oz.
  • If you've developed a taste for salty licorice, you will want to try these extra salty, medium hard treats from Holland. They are the size of a small, thick coin, and a must-have for the hardcore licorice disciple. 7 oz.
  • A diamond is a girl's best friend, yet these gems appeal to licorice lovers regardless of gender. These medium soft, moderately salty, diamond-shaped pieces are a perfect treat for both the licorice novice and the connoisseur. Just a reminder, Zout translates to Salt. 7 oz.
  • Any witch will testify that black cats are a licorice lover's best friend. Better yet, they are purrfectly delicious! 7 oz.
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