Vasilow’s Candy Specialties of the House

Handmade and custom-crafting candy specialties for close to 100 years.

At Vasilow’s we are proud to share a number of very special “House Special” treats. They range from mainstays like our peanut brittle and Bavarian glazed almonds to more unique items like chocolate-covered fortune cookies, cranberry almond bark, and chocolate-covered Twizzlers. And in case one of these treats isn’t striking your fancy, that’s OK, because what you see listed here below does not include all of our delicious offerings. We have many more of our specialty-crafted chocolate, licorice, and peanut (to name only a select few flavors) treats available in our Hudson NY store.

Visit our Hudson, NY candy shop for our full selection of homemade chocolate treats!

When visiting historic Hudson, NY, visit us in person at our Columbia Street location and to take in the decadent candy-filled aroma that comes from generations of candy-making experts, and you can then hand-select chocolate, licorice, peanuts, or our unique doggy treats – or – grab one of our gift boxes. Take your time looking at our display cases that are filled with beautiful candy, that is just as delicious as it is good-looking. Each and every treat that we craft is skillfully and lovingly made using family recipes and is forged in a candy-making tradition unique only to us here at Vasilow’s. So whether you are looking for a gift or for a special treat for your own indulgence, we are sure to have what you are looking for.